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《超级工程》 Chao Ji Gong Cheng - Super/ Mega Projects

You might have read the news about the mega projects in China (Zhong Guo). The National Development and Reform Commission approved 21, a total of $115 trillion dollar, mega projects all over China in Nov 2014. They are building 16 railways and 5 new airports. (Reuter)

Even with a slower than projected economy and rising national debt, China is planning to keep up with the growth of the country and building mega infrastructure projects.  

New York Times said Dalian announced they are building a $36 billion tunnel, the the world’s longest underwater tunnel. You can also search "China's Mega Projects" 《超级工程》, you will see some info about a documentary on building the 2nd tallest building in Shanghai (again!): 上海中心大厦. Here is a cool Youtube video about China's super highway:

Hope you enjoy today's news from me. I cannot wait to visit the 2nd tallest building in Shanghai soon!



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