Chinese's name

你好!我叫Nikki。 我的中文名字是宜慧。 Nihao! Wo Jiao Nikki. Wo de Zhong Wen Ming Zi Shi Yi Hui.

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog :) My real name is actually 宜慧, 宜 means adaptive and appropriate, 慧 means wisdom.

These sounds could be difficult for most people to pronounce correctly. So, I took my father's suggestion and use "Nikki" as my English name. (Great idea, isn't it?)

Have you met any Chinese people and they have American sounding names like mine? Their real name might be surprisingly beautiful if you ask them!

So, next time when you ask them "Ni jiao Shenme Mingzi?" What's your name? Ask them what's their "Zhong Wen Mingzi?" (Chinese Names)

Cheers! xx,