Happy New Year! 新年快乐! 

恭喜发财!Chinese New Year Eve Dinner - is on! 

Dinner @Mala Sichuan in Chinatown

Dinner @Mala Sichuan in Chinatown

It's the last day of the Lunar year, and it is a big day! Traditionally, we would go to the market today and buy some fresh stocks, and the rest of the afternoon is to prepare for the most important meal of the year! 

During this dinner, we must have the following dishes: 

  • Fish 鱼 - The fish is cooked in the whole fish style. It is important to have left over - usually we only eat one side of the fish, and save the other side for the next day, you may ask - why?! Because: 年年有余 (Niánnián yǒu yú) means to have abundance, more than you needed. It is also a very traditional concept to save money, and have more than you need for the future. 
  • Dumplings 饺子 Jiǎozi - I love making Jiǎozi! I remember we would spend a few hours to make the dough and the filling. The dumplings are shaped the way of an ancient gold/ currency, so it is also called 元宝 yúan bǎo, which means a gold jewel. Very lucky thing to say while eating the dumplings is: Zhāo cái jìn bǎo (招财进宝): Bringing in wealth and treasure — a felicitous wish for making money and collecting a fortune.
  • Kimchi! It is a must for my family! It makes everything better! My mother grew up in Korea, so we always have Kimchi as one of the must dishes. 

Writing this blog really makes me miss home... I plan to going to Chinatown and have a wonderful dinner with my friends tonight after my classes, can't wait! 


Wish everyone a happy new year, and abundance every year!