Nihao! Mark Zuckerberg just stormed the world with his speech in Mandarin Chinese at the Tsinghua University. Mark didn't just learned how to speak and communicate in Chinese magically overnight. His goal back in 2010 was to learn Chinese. During the 4 year time, he has a private tutor to teach and practice with him on a regular basis. I think the point of learning any language is to be able communicate with others, and Mark was successful in doing so! Some people are saying he speaks like a 7 year-old while they have never spoken a word of proper Mandarin.

I believe all of us can learn a new language if you stay with it. Don't give up and keep on practicing! One day, people will say something like, " Wow, when did you learn how to speak Mandarin?" You can proudly say, "Bu shi hen jiu yi qian (not too long ago!)"

Mark Speaks Chinese