Nihao! 你好!Happy Halloween weekend, did you go treat or tricking?I🎃 Here is Halloween 万圣节Wàn Shèng Jíe = All Saints Holiday! 万=10,000, 圣=Sanits, 节=Holidays. 

If you are looking for some new ways and resources during this slow Sunday, below are some free resources I recommend to my students - 

  • Slow Chinese Podcast - Free! Upper Intermediate to Advanced. Even if you are a beginner, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to this podcast, or just listen to it online daily or weekly. It's important to train your ears, and as you learn more, you will be able to understand more of the content. 

  • Pleco Chinese-English Dictionary - Everyone should have this! Free for basic download, for both iOS & Android apps. 

  • Chinese Grammar Wiki - Any grammar questions? Ask me, or you can get a really good understanding here! 

ope you can benefit from these very resourceful websites! 

xx, Nikki