How to Say Car in Chinese

NIhao 你好!Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This past weekend (Zhōu Mò) I spent a few hours test driving cars in a local dealership with friends (Péng Yǒu). The place was crazy! There are so many people and too little help from the sales team... I am just glad it was not me who was buying a car! The car shopping experience inspired me with the word: Car, Qì Chē - which means gas car.

  1. My car is red. Wǒ De Qì Chē Shì Hóng Sè. 我的汽车是红色。
  • My: Wǒ De 我的
  • Is: Shì 是
  • Red Color: Hóng Sè 红色

2. My friend wants to buy a car. Wǒ De Péng Yǒu Yào Mǎi Chē. 我的朋友要买车。

  • Friend: Péng Yǒu 朋友
  • Will/ Want: Yào 要
  • Buy: Mǎi 买 - this is an IMPORTANT word - you can use it as I want to buy....  Wǒ Yào Mǎi...

Best luck to anyone who is looking into buying a car! And hopefully one day it will be much easier since we will only be buying Google's self-driven cars!