How to Say American Football in Chinese

Nihao! Part of being an American, it's to love and defend your country, also show love to the American Football!!  Personally, I am excited about going to the training camp this weekend (Zhou Mo)! The properly way to say American Football in Chinese is Měi Shì Zú Qiú 美式足球。It literally means: American Style Foot Ball.

To expend on this, I want to talk about the difference between American style object and an American Person.

  • American Style Coffee. Měi Shì Kā Fēi. 美式咖啡
  • American Person. Měi Guó Rén. 美国人

Chinese grammar is really simple - very descriptive to be exact. So here is a simple break down how to say Country + Person:

  • 中國人   Zhōngguórén   Chinese people/person
  • 美國人  Měiguórén  American people/person

Please look for more info on the upcoming grammar page on more info :) Good luck to everyone's Fantasy Football league!



How to Say Football in Chinese