How to say Dessert in Chinese- Tian Dian

Nihao! Beautiful Sat today, a little hot in Htown! Today I visited a really popular dessert shop called "Common Bond". They have seriously the best dessert in town! This inspired me to talk about dessert, 甜点 Tián Diǎn, which literally means sweet dots. Here are an example and some related words:

  1. I like (to eat) dessert very much.  Wǒ Hěn Xǐ Huān Chī Tián Diǎn . 我很喜欢吃甜点。
  2. Macaroon. Mǎ kǎ lóng. 马卡龙 。
  3. Cookies. Bǐnggān. 饼干。
  4. Coffee. Kā Fēi. 咖啡。


How to say dessert in Chinese - Tian Dian

how to say dessert in Chinse Tian Dian