How to say Flooding in Chinese

Nihao Houston! TGIF! We had a crazy storm last night here in Htown, and look at what it has done to my girl friend's apartment's parking structure... hope all the troubles are sorted out soon! How to Say Flooding in Chinese

  1. It is flooding in Houston today. Jīn Tiān Zài Houston Yān Shuǐ. 今天在Houston淹水
  • To expand on this:
  • Jīn Tiān means Today. Time is always the FIRST thing you say in Chinese. Why? We do not have past tense in Chinese! Amazing, right? Since we do not have past tense, we need to be very clear on stating the time in the very beginning. For example, Yesterday I go to my friend's house. Since you established the event took place yesterday, you do not need to change the tense of the verb.
  • Shuǐ 水 - Water.
  • Hē Shuǐ. 喝水。To drink water, and in Chinese we do not say "eating soup", but we say drinking soup - for example: Hē Tāng 喝汤.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, and I am definitely going to get some hurricane supplies! Nikki

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