How to Say Happy Birthday in Chinese

Nihao! Yep, officially getting older today! I am continuing my day as usual but definitely enjoying my special day and all the Facebook wishes! I am wishing the world a better place - Shì Jiè Hé Píng 世界和平! As we get older, the birthdays seem a little less important each year... and I am just so happy about having so many friends in my life :) How to wish Happy Birthday to someone:

  • Shēng Rì Kuài Lè 生日快乐。 生日 means birth/born day. 快乐Kuài Lè means happy, this is usually the
  • Qīng Chuēn Yǒng Zhù 青春永驻. This is another common thing to wish others on their birthdays. This phrase means "Forever Youthful!"
  • Shì Jiè Hé Píng 世界和平means world peace. This is what I am wishing for! Shì Jiè 世界means world, Hé Píng 和平means peace.

Cheers <3