How to Say Healthy in Chinese

Nihao!The deadly Ebola virus is on the news all over the world...This not only makes me realize how lucky we are not being exposed to this virus, and also hoping the scientists & researchers will find a way to fight this terrible virus!!  Here is how to say Health and Healthy in Chinese:  Jiàn Kāng 健康 Chinese often wishes each other good health in many occasions, such as for birthdays and holidays. This is how it is said:

  • Wish you a long and healthy life. 祝你身体健康 Zhù Nǐ Shēng Tǐ Jiàn Kāng
  • Shēng Tǐ Hǎo 身体好means good health as well - it is less formal.
  • Shēng Tǐ 身体 means health/ body.
  • Zhù Nǐ 祝你 means to wish you...
  • Dà Jiā 大家 means everyone

Wish Everyone a long and healthy life! 祝大家身体健康!  Zhù Dà Jiā Shēng Tǐ Jiàn Kāng!