How to say Japanese Food in Chinese

Nihao! I had a really good lunch at one of my favorite Sushi places "Kata Robata" today for a work birthday celebration. I had a sashimi Bento box, it was YUM (Hǎo Chī 好吃)! Here is how you say Japanese Restaurant: Rì Shì Cān Tīng  日式餐厅. It means Japanese Style Restaurant. Here are some common phrase:

  • Where is a good Japanese restaurant? Hǎo Chī de Rì Shì Cān Tīng Zài Nǎr?  好吃的日式餐厅在哪?
  • Where is..? ...Zài Nǎr?  在哪?"Kata Robata Zài Nǎr?" That means "Where is Kata Robata?"
  • Hǎo Chī 好吃 means delicious. Literally it means Good Eat! This is a very important phrase since we focus a lot on food:)
  • Cān Tīng 餐厅 means restaurants.
  • Shòu Sī 寿司 Sushi (sounds very similar to Chinese). You can probably get away with say Sushi in China and people will understand what you are talking about!

Here is a good write up on the difference between Chinese food and Japanese food: