How to Say So So in Chinese

Nihao! TGIF! What a week... Just got older yesterday, but gladly I still feel...the same! I had an inspiration about the meaning behind the Chinese sayings yesterday, so today we will talk about some really funny and popular Chinese sayings...

  • So-So: 马马虎虎 Mǎ Mǎ Hū Hū - literally means horse horse tiger tiger. This is from a story about a painter who painted a half horse-half tiger... Since the painting was neither of a horse nor a tiger, nobody bought it. So the meaning  is that if something is “马马虎虎 Mǎ Mǎ Hū Hū”, it is no one thing or another... just mediocre! 
  • It takes time to truly know someone:  Lù Yáo Zhī Mǎ lì, Rì Jiǔ jiàn Rén Xīn 路遥知马力,日久见人心– As distance tests a horse’s strength, so does time reveal a person’s real character.

As you know more about how these phrases are developed, they all make more sense and easier to remember!

Hope you Friday is going well, and the Zhōu Mò (weekend) is off to a great start :)