How to Say Monday in Chinese

Nihao! Happy Monday..said no one ever!  The movie Office Space summed it up well, it seems like we all got a case of the Mondays!  星期一 which means Weekday One. Here are an example and some related words:

  1. Today is Monday.  Jīn Tiān Shì Xīng Qí Yī。今天是星期一。
  2. Week - 3 ways to say Week in Chinese, here is the break down:
  • The official term for 'week' is 星期 Xīng Qí  (literally 'star period').
  • 礼拜  Lǐ Bài, meaning 'worship' is a common term for 'week' in everyday speech.
  • 周 Zhōu, slightly more formal term for week. Usually it is used for the word Weekend 周末 Zhōu Mò.

Have a great day and week ahead :)