How to Say Rain in Chinese

Nihao! It is stormy here in Htown today! I really don't like the rain, but it is probably good for the city and our water supply for the hot hot summer ahead. In Chinese, raining is 下雨 Xià Yǔ , literally means falling rain. Here are an example and some related words:

  1. Today is raining.  Jīn Tiān Xià Yǔ。今天下雨。
  2. Yesterday didn't rain. Zuó Tiān Méi Yǒu Xià Yǔ. 昨天没有下雨。

Related to the Examples: Today Jīn Tiān 今天 Yesterday - Zuó Tiān 昨天 Tomorrow - Míng Tiān 明天 Xieixe and have a wonderful day in the rain :) Nikki