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Chinese Uber like App, Kuaide Dache 快的打车 -Get a Cab Fast! (Literal Translation is "Fast-ly Get Car") just confirmed a $600 million dollars in funding from Softbank and Alibaba. China has a really hot startup scene. Here are a few big investments happened in China in 2014: 

  • TutorGroup - this Chinese and Singapore based company received 100 million in funding in Feb 2014
  • Tango - California based company received $200+ million funding from Alibaba, strategic for Mr. Ma to put ads in this popular app in the future
  • Wanda - A $814M joint venture of WeChat and Baidu. This app is going after mobile payment system by WeChai

I think Wanda is really interesting for the consumers. Imagine you can open just one app for chatting, and also be able to pay for movie tickets, vending machines, and in the retail stores! How convenient!

Hope you enjoy reading these news, and I have motivated you to learn more Mandarin and get in the knows :)  

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