Nightmarket Taipei

Nihao! Thanks for joining me today :) 你好!谢谢你们今天来我部落格! If you don't already know this, Taiwan is a small island but packed with many diverse Chinese/ Asian foods. Growing up there, I have access to all types of cuisines easily. One of my favorite things to do is to go visit the night market. It is definitely not easy to stay fit when you visit!

Night markets open until 12 am almost daily, and the vendors serve 小吃 XiaoChi, which means "Little Eat", sort of like the concept of Tapas or Dim Sum from Hong Kong - you can get a lot of different variety of foods in one setting. Hao Chi, means delicious! It literally means good eat.

Have you tried the night markets? If so, how do you like it?! What did/ didn't you eat? I found a few blogs that have detailed info of the night markets:

I hope you enjoy reading these delicious things!